Umai spoons

Wood, silicon, chocolate and spices

Height: 11 cm
Weight: 0,05 kg

Made in Estonia

The concept


Tableware that stimulates taste receptors

These three simple ice-cream spoon sets grew out of an idea on how to change an ordinary wooden dessert spoon into something unordinary. How can stimulating one sense affect another? How can a little bit of salt added to the sweetness enhance all these other subtle flavors? How can we change the experience of eating a bowl of ice-cream?
I wanted people to take time off and eat slow, considering the new sensations that they experience with every spoonful. That’s why the different surfaces, sizes and flavors came into the spoon design.

Texture Spoons
The silicon spoons have various textures that feel somewhat strange and unexpected on the palate and the cheeks. The perfectly oval and smooth spoon will allow you comfortably enjoy the rounded full bite.  The prickly spoon is ticklish and makes you have to clean the spoon with several bites.  It engages all the nerves and senses, like you never experienced when eating before.

Size Spoons
S, M, L, XL spoons are made for those who what to experience with the amount they eat. For example if you want to focus on the flavor and are afraid of over eating then the skinny spoon would be good, or if you are very hungry go for the big one.

Flavor spoons 
Chilli, salt, pepper, cinnamon and chocolate are covering the tip of the spoon.  If you would like to have some extra sour spice on your sweet vanilla ice-cream go for the red Mexican spoon and see what happens. Notice how one flavor enhances the other. It truly awakens your taste receptors.



No words needed...


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