78 Club Dyneema
Yachting line for ocean racing
Best endurance, control and reliability
Characteristics: Versatile cover with good abrasion  resistance , high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent low stretch, abrasion and UV resistance

Calza Dyneema
Characteristics and use: Dyneema ® covers deliver incredibile abrasion resistance and lightness: a perfect solution in order to prevent damages due to continuous friction.

Elements: resin and graphite/aluminium

The necklaces and bracelets are available in grey.
Made to order, expected production time from your order is 2 weeks.

Made in Estonia

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The Line collection is inspired by the resistance and simplicity of sailing rope. Sailing rope is developed from sturdy plant fibers into a flexible and light material that has the same strength as steel.  A line in nautical terms is where the rope is cut, spliced, or simply assigned a function.

The new collection is a quiet and paradoxical understatement of the precision and almost artistic functionality of the material. The strong yet soft and supple outer rope layer lives its own life in every piece, as the material is used in  unconventional ways to create new shapes by stretching, compressing and turning ropes inside out.

The core grey line is originally made to use in yatching ocean racing. The line is highly technical with best endurance, covered with water repellence and UV resistance.

The decorative elements are handmade out of resin combined with graphite and aluminium.



Length: Matinee 50cm (20") long.

Rope diameter: 8-9mm

Rope used: 120cm

Colours: grey


Size M: 7cm (2.8") diameter, 19cm (7.5") length 

Rope diameter: 8-9mm

Rope used: 38cm

Colours: grey



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